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Being as blunt as I possibly can be is something I have done my entire life.

I have always been different than most in anything and everything I have done.
My life is full of having to follow and always held back from leading. When I got my time to “be me”, it translated to my ability to push people that could make some uncomfortable.

My passion for helping people is what truly drives me.

With that passion and bluntness combined, I can be abrasive with my style and that is planned.
Some may say that my content is what they have heard before. Okay, so why haven’t you used it? Why haven’t you done the work?
The objective in everything I do is to motivate and make people “decide” to either do it or not.

As I don’t and can’t work with everyone, it’s impossible for me to be for everyone.

The day we are in and what we are doing with the environment we are in, only means one thing. It means we need to evolve first as human beings and then as real estate agents.

Dave has been invited and spoken at many conventions including the National Association of Realtors National Convention, numerous Century 21 National Convention as well as The Century 21 Leadership Conference many times.

Topics have included the Sphere of Influence, Social Media, Video, Recruiting, Marketing, Marketing on Facebook, business structuring, Motivation.

Dave has been coaching and speaking about Video since 2007 and building out business Virtually since 2015.  He has always been ahead of the industry.

My objective is to get real estate agents to become that real estate professional if they aren’t already there.

As was said before, differentiation is the best way to achieve goals and commitments quicker.
On the whole, I speak about the commitment one has to make to my topic on stage for that day!

Dave has spoken in front of all different sized audiences and can adapt to the topics and approach for each specific audience.
Dave will speak on any of the following topics and more:

The Art of Differentiation
Building the business with Pillars
Being prepared
Our Virtualness-(I made up the word)
Social Media-Organic
Social Media Paid
Video and its use
The “State of the Industry”
Utilizing what you have without spending a lot of money to make money.
Content marketing
Sphere of Influence-The SOI Method-
The Old Way, the New Way, the Post-Covid way

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