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New Real Estate Agent Program

The RESB New Agent program is all about getting a new real estate agents business quickly.

So many times a new agent gets into this business and weeks go by before they even get an idea of what the business is all about.  Our goal here is to get you some basics, then systems and tools to implement progress in this business first as a job, then your business career.

We start with structure.  Once a structure is established, we move into generation of business we call-lead generation.  We help you understand and build systems and processes to help move your business forward in a way to get you noticed.

The one main requirement is commitment to your goal and performance of the plan

Most importantly, there are requirements to this program.  You must show up, do the work and prove it!  These are our minimum standards, you should have your own to succeed at the highest level.


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Part Time Real Estate Agent Program

Being a Part Time agent is not always the easiest job due to the apportionment of time. Starting as a Part Time agent is very possible, especially when you have someone helping you every step of the way as we do in this program.

The difference in this program from any other is that we focus on your time and how to build structure around what your responsibilities are.  It’s apparent that everyone will have different situations, some may have more time than others as well as less or more responsibility in their lives.

The one main requirement is commitment to your goal and performance of the plan.

This training and adherence to it is paramount to achieving the results of  several transactions a month and transitioning to a full time agent.

A goal paired with commitment is required.  This program is only about accomplishment.

The 8 Week Coaching

Intensive Client Acquisition Program

This Intensive program for client acquisition, the main focus of Real Estate Skill Builder is set up to get you more ready clients and build your business and income over 6 figures and then to grow into high 6 figures and beyond.

It will help you eliminate the ups and downs of the real estate business by providing more quality customers.


We will use modern tools and simple systems to acquire more ready sellers and buyers.  Client Acquisition!

I will show you and help you implement the same strategies that have helped many of my agents achieve a consistent 6 figure business and increasing business year after year.

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Real Estate Skill Builder Course

The Mastermind 

This Mastermind has a prerequisite of the 8 week program or one on one program.

This expands those programs and digs deep into the infrastructure of your business.

We talk money, marketing and manifestation!

Your access to the programs and systems of Real Estate Skill Builder is unlimited with this program as well as access to me.


We have monthly guests, hot seats, innovators and trouble shooting sessions.  We also do a 2 day intensive Mastermind meeting in person, which is free to all members!


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The SOI Method

Data Base Marketing
On and Offline.  

The old way in the new way of the 21st century.


This online real estate video training takes you through an intense set of videos that actually teaches the implementation of the entire process and how the person executing will stay in front of their sphere without their sphere even knowing what they are doing.  It’s keeping in touch with your “database” for the long haul.  


The goal in this training is to increase referrals from your sphere to 70-80% of an agent’s business.

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Real Estate Skill Builder

Client Acquisition with The Art of Differentiation



This on line video training program takes you through an intense set of videos that actually reviews your mindset to focus on organization in a manner to succeed in acquiring clients.



It goes through a system of utilizing the Art of Differentiation utilizing everything available to you including your Sphere of Influence.  We go through working with buyers, enhancing the listing presentation to “wows” from your sellers.  The only objective is to get you successful by doing what others won’t do in this video series.


Oh yeah, there’s a whole section on Facebook marketing.


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In Office Sessions Available

Customer Acquisition-The SOI Method
Customer Acquisition is the hard part.  Lead generation is easy.
The question you have to ask yourself is “Do you want to chase your customer?”
The SOI Method trains people to refer you without you asking for referrals..
You will learn how to get your message and education to everyone.
Find out exact methods to obtain and keep customers for life.

Customer Acquisition through Social Media and Video.
Getting known is the most difficult thing that agents have to do, especially when just starting out.  You need to get known if you don’t want to have to buy leads from lead generation sites.

At this session, we will show you the actual steps you need to take to accomplish added customer acquisition
Social Media and Funnels
Understand the 3 basic advantages of social media marketing.  After this is understood, we go into the basics of funnels-What a funnel is and how it works.

We then put it all together so a real estate business is scalable.


Additional topics and programs can be custom built for any topic.

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