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Real Estate Skill Builder has weekly events and sessions for
coaching clients and mentees.


Dave is regularly scheduled on Podcasts and other broadcasts thoughout the year.

Currently Dave runs a LIVE training on Mondays at 5 PM EDT called Dave’s Live at Five.  This is a simple training program is in concert with his coaching programs and is supplemental to other coaching Dave is involved with.  As Dave invests in his own coaching and is never working with less than 2 coaches.  These sessions bring out newer evolution of things in the real estate market today.

Dave is current and mostly ahead of everyone else when it comes to technology, real estate business innovation and coaching technique.

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Dave offers two other sessions weekly: A scripts and Dialogue session as well as a Question and Answer session every Thursday.

He takes agents one by one, whether it’s for 5 minutes or 55 minutes, to “hold their hand” to resolve an issue or handle their question.  Ask for a guest pass.

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